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    WTB Blitzway Tyler Durden Red Jacket 1/6 from Fight Club

    I'm only willing to ship inside the US. Price is $350 shipped unless west coast then its $365. It's complete and like new condition.
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    WTB Blitzway Tyler Durden Red Jacket 1/6 from Fight Club

    I've got the red coat version I'd be willing to sell, are you in the US?
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    WTB Hot Toys Black Panther Solo Movie Figure

    Looking for the older release of black panther. To buy or trade.
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    WTB HT Netflix Daredevil

    Hi I've got the deluxe version id be willing to sell. Displayed, complete no issues. I can get back to you with a price if interested. Brian
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    WTB: InArt TDK Joker with Rooted Hair (2 Figures)

    I'll be receiving mine in the next 2 months and thinking about letting it go. Where are you located? Brian
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    ISO Hot Toys BTTF Marty II & Doc Brown II

    I've got a marty 2 id consider selling. I belive it's the exclusive. Brian
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    WTB Hot Toys Ironman Mark 47 torso only

    There are scratches on the paint in the crotch area. Almost like a brand new figure was displayed :(
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    WTB Hot Toys Heavy Infantry Mando

    I have both of these id be willing to sell if your still looking. Send me a pm.
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    WTB Hot Toys Ironman Mark 47 torso only

    I have an extra mk47 body I got a replacement for. No damage but a minor paint splot, if your still looking I can send you pics.
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    Head Sculpt Touch up Paint Type?

    Thanks for the info. I found the vallejo 8pk for $30 on Amazon here in the US. My original project is just to paint nose ends but with this I can expand depending on my yet to be uncovered paint talents.
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    Head Sculpt Touch up Paint Type?

    Hey guys, just wondering what type of paint and where can I get it to do so touch up on figure head sculpts? Skin color paint please.
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    For Sale Joker 1/2 Scale Prime 1 Studio & Thanos Deluxe 1/4 Scale Iron Studio

    These 2 statues are for sale, I dont have any pictures as they are boxed up. If I get any serious interested I will take pictures at requested. The prices right now are for local pick up or meet up so preferably in the midwest, however a shipping price could be negociated. Any questions...
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    For Sale FS: HT 1/4 The Dark Knight Batman

    Figures For Sale, some are sealed in the shipper new the rest were displayed, but are all complete. Figures will be double box shipped at best estimated price. Any questions please PM me. Thank you. HT QS001 1/4 The Dark Knight Rises Batman $SOLD HT Superman EX Reeves - SOLD HT AOTC Yoda -...