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    Kaustic Plastik 1/6 Toshiro Mifune

    The Kamon is the Akira Kurosawa Mon used in his films. Not too hard to find.
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    Kaustic Plastik 1/6 Toshiro Mifune

    It kinda weird that the figure isn’t totally a Yojimbo figure. The figure’s Mons are from the film Red Sun and represents the character he played named Kuroda Jubei. They have similar outfits but the Mons are different. The Hakama is correct for Yojimbo and incorrect for Kuroda. It is...
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    South Park: Joining the Panderverse

    Does your rear end get jealous of the poop that comes out of your mouth? Asking for a friend!
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    Kaustic Plastik 1/6 Toshiro Mifune

    I was hoping for a Musashi Trilogy figure but I can live with a yojimbo. Maybe they will include a katana with oversized tsuba. Bought the previous 1/6th…. Can buy a new one. :)
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    Queen Studios / InArt to do sixth scale figures

    Not quite what I was expecting
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    Star Wars: Ahsoka It is not just just a fan thing, Dave Filoni is writing her that way. So yeah, there is a lot lifted from Tolkien.
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    Star Wars: Ahsoka

    Yeah, the Ahsoka references to Gandalf are intentional. Personally, I think it is a rather lame attempt to throw more Easter eggs at fans.
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    1:9 Scale - The Sweet Spot Between 1:12 & 1:6

    It is one of the stunt suits from the film and the Henley is one of the stunt suits from the 2nd film.
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    1:9 Scale - The Sweet Spot Between 1:12 & 1:6

    I have several. Maybe my favorite might be the stunt suit from John wick 3 or the Henley from John Wick 2 (which is just a J Crew Henley… surprisingly). I also collect watches, etc…
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    1:9 Scale - The Sweet Spot Between 1:12 & 1:6

    Personally, I really like the 1/9 Beast Kingdom figures for the most part. The Dark knight Joker and Batman are really amazing. The 89 Batman, I really liked for a bit until I got the Mezco 89. Which blew the Beast Kingdom out of the water with all the QC issues of the BK 89 Batman. I...
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    Funny, I was think about the same thing about you. But then I gave it a thought…. And paused. Dang…. Would that be a compliment? Still, haven’t figured it out yet. And….. No. The sky isn’t falling.
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    Umm…. Critical Drinker liked Prey and admitted he was wrong on his assessment from the promotional material. He said it was surprisingly good and it was great she used her wits to defeat the Predator. Prey was a really really good film and totally a pleasant surprise.
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    Dune Part Two (October 20th, 2023)

    I am worried they may change the Chani character. She was very much fighting for Paul just like the rest of the Freman. After all, it is their Jihad. They truly believed he was the Messiah which really comes in to play in the 2nd book. Alia? Has she been cast? Digital? They will...
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    The Blu-Ray Upcoming, News & Info Thread

    Wish that Disney could still produce good content then. Unfortunately way more misses than hits now.
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    The Blu-Ray Upcoming, News & Info Thread

    Paramount not Disney right? Loved everything else!
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    Somehow Rey Returned

    So much for all the sequel trilogy fans. Star Wars apparently can’t even keep a hotel even get a theatrical release now. Sorry, Rey was just a Mary Sue. So Kebron theory is Rey is not a Mary Sue because she gets dismissed? Or just gets Stockholm Syndrome ? Most of the paying public didn’t...
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    Daredevil Born Again (Disney+) - Spring 2024

    So in other words, they are filming a show without a complete script.
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    Action Figure Mezco One:12 Collective - (1:12 scale) DC Comics Figures

    What 303 spray are people using to darken him up with? Thanks