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  1. Sithblade

    1/6 Alpha Toys No. 007 Mentor and Apprentice (Mandalorian Luke and Grogu)

    A 3rd party Tarkin would be most welcome.
  2. Sithblade

    1/6 Hot Toys -TMS056 - The Mandalorian: Boba Fett and Throne (REPAINT ARMOR)

    They must have made loads of these, £158 for the throne version, ok add postage but still a huge price drop.
  3. Sithblade

    Yan Toys 1/6th scsle Universe Emperor.

    It's on Onesixthkit site, you have to register on there then email to get your account verified to be able to see the 3rd party figures.
  4. Sithblade

    Yan Toys 1/6th scsle Universe Emperor.

    Another knock off Emperor, this time with a lightsaber but his outfit from ROTJ.
  5. Sithblade

    1/6 PLAY TOY P018 Queen (Amidala)

    Also taken off a FB group, get Boba's throne and then there's no issue with her height.
  6. Sithblade

    1/6 PLAY TOY P018 Queen (Amidala)

    Taken from a Facebook group. Also just received an invoice for this from KG Hobby so hopefully here in a week or so.
  7. Sithblade

    1/6th Greedo and Cantina set

    Wonder if Greedo would have sold more figures than Kuiil has🤔
  8. Sithblade

    Saturn Toys 1/6 '66 Batman and Robin

    Just received it, the Bat emblem is higher on the chest at a slight angle. Batman's pants seem in proportion with no baggy issues. Robin looks to have more of a tan than shows up in this image. Not sure why KG offered a cheaper without the box option, as they've just removed the inner tray and...
  9. Sithblade

    1/6 Hot Toys - MMS298 - Star Wars: Episode IV - Princess Leia Collectible Figure

    It wasn't until I saw clear pictures of her in the prison cell that the dress is see through on her legs, so the slip covering the top of her legs is correct.
  10. Sithblade

    Saturn Toys 1/6 '66 Batman and Robin

    Just broke my Star Wars only collection to get these. KG Hobby had the 2nd batch received on their Instagram stories and to PM them about them as they aren't on their website. They offered a cheaper option of removed from the box and the figures and accessories placed in a smaller one to reduce...
  11. Sithblade

    Hot Toys Anakin Skywalker DX "Artisan Edition" 1/6 Figure Revenge of the Sith

    Taken these of a Facebook group, from the Hot Toys pop up store in Korea. 🤔
  12. Sithblade

    1/6 Hot Toy - MMS612 - Episode VI - ROTJ: Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike

    On sale at £114 at KG for just the trooper. They've got the Darktrooper for not much more as well.
  13. Sithblade

    Inbox Studio: 1/6 Bantha (The Mandalorian Version)

    They've got the Tauntaun up to pre order.
  14. Sithblade

    Star Wars: Ahsoka

    So Anakin shows up as a Force ghost to watch over Ahsoka, but not for his own son in the ST when Luke's suffering from a lack of faith in the Jedi? I'm sure they'll be a Disney+ show to explain why he couldn't.
  15. Sithblade

    1/6 Hot Toys - MMS677- Episode II: Attack of The Clones - Padawan Anakin Skywalker

    Added bonus of this figure is having a green USB saber, I'll use it for Qui Gon or Jedi Luke, not like anyone will be able to see it's the wrong hilt for them.
  16. Sithblade

    1/6 NEXT Hot Toys STAR WARS Figure...?

    Are they called Rocwoks or Shellwoks?
  17. Sithblade

    Twelve World 1/6 FORCE MASTER AOTC Yoda

    Mace Windu and the dodgy hair ROTS Anakin recently.
  18. Sithblade

    1/6 Hot Toys - MMS 283 - Star Wars Episode IV: 1/6th scale Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Hopefully the ANH wave of figures might get a 50th Anniversary repack. It's a shame if you weren't into HT from the beginning you missed out on all the classic characters unless you're now paying extortionate prices for them. Maybe the dewback and Sandtrooper release are the first steps to...
  19. Sithblade

    Big Chief Studios - 1/6 Doctor Who Figures

    If anyone is lucky enough to get any money back it's usually only 10p for every £1 you are owed.