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  1. pixletwin

    Mars Toys 1/6 Penguin (Burgess Meredith)

    Is he wearing the monocle over the wrong eye? :lol
  2. pixletwin


    Romero Joker, Nosferatu, and Edward Scissorhands for me.
  3. pixletwin

    For Sale Sideshow 1/6 Scale Star Wars

    Definitely suss to me. Buyer beware. :lecture
  4. pixletwin

    Queen Studios / InArt to do sixth scale figures

    Please keep this thread for conversation about Queen Studios/InArt 1:6 figures. Not random third party figures. ☀️
  5. pixletwin

    Blitzway: Kurt Cobain 1:6 Figure

    Not looking likely. :crying
  6. pixletwin

    Doctor Who - Spoilers!

    Maybe because he is a good actor? 🤷‍♂️
  7. pixletwin

    Doctor Who - Spoilers!

    It’s not a hot take. Maybe expanding your expectations doesn’t have to be so traumatic. I remember a friend of mine was angry years ago because an actor playing John Lennon had blue eyes. He could not handle it. It actually made him angry. :lol
  8. pixletwin

    Doctor Who - Spoilers!

    It’s been this way on the stage and opera for years. Not sure why this crosses a line for so many.
  9. pixletwin

    1/6 NEXT Hot Toys STAR WARS Figure...?

    Paz Vizla is shipping in the next 10 days. (Unless you were specifically asking about clones, which you probably were)
  10. pixletwin

    What is your favorite YouTube channel for figures/statues?

    Justin, Jedha, MRC, and Dean are my go-to channels.
  11. pixletwin

    Hot Toys 1/6 Paz Vizsla figure (Heavy Infantry Mandalorian 2.0)

    Anyone else besides me get the email from Sideshow that this is charging on the 5th of December?
  12. pixletwin

    Hot Toys - Kenobi Show - Grand Inquisitor

    Funny. With the money I got when I canceled the GI, I bought the KP Bela Lugosi. :yess:
  13. pixletwin

    Doctor Who - Spoilers!

    Whenever “that word” is invoked I feel the collective discussion IQ reduces significantly. :huh
  14. pixletwin

    Things I Hate

    Anyone who uses the word "woke" in a critique. Even if I agree with you.
  15. pixletwin

    Big Chief Studios - 1/6 Doctor Who Figures

    Meh. I want figures. Not statues.
  16. pixletwin

    Doctor Who - Spoilers!

    It was fun. I do like Doctor Who best when it moves forward. This didnt move forward. Hopefully all will be explained. I dont enjoy Tennant’s doctor when he gets shouty. Donna was great. I thought the cracks mending themselves somehow was a bit much. I loved Jodie’s Police Box and now it has an...
  17. pixletwin

    Blitzway: Kurt Cobain 1:6 Figure

    I hate getting emails from BBTS that aren't shipping notices. :mad: