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  • Hello,

    Recast is indeed not direct from Sideshow, but they used the same mold.
    The base is also black instead of with logo's.

    The quality is in my opinion better than the Sideshow one (it was to flat).
    I totaly forgot that I had a 2nd one because I thought it was sold.
    But I moved a few weeks ago and with unboxing I saw this one.

    I placed a few Dinosauria statues on an auction site here in the Netherlands where you can take a look at the pictures (click on "Alle advertenties van Dinosauria Collector" to see some other Dinosauria).


    I sold the original Sideshow one last week for €650,- ($686,53).
    But the recast is also hard to find, but not worth the high value as the original.
    So I think I will sell this one around $450,-??
    I don't have an Ebay account so I don't know how to do the sale?
    Where are you from??

    I would be very interested in the recasting. That means it is not official from sideshow right? How much would you want to sell that for? I cannot figure out what that would be worth.

    Also, how is the quality control on it?
    Hi, thanks for the message! The main statue I would be interested in is the regular T Rex vs Triceratops. That's my holy grail! Do you happen to have one?
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