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  • I dunno. I remember it came up in a thread a while back and one guy said that people exaggerate the amount ebay takes off you or that yeah they take such and such an amount but it still leaves you with X amount and why isn't that good enough etc etc

    I haven't braved selling anything on ebay. The listing process looks like a pain in the arse to me and then who knows what kind of arsehole you could get for a buyer, you see so many stories....
    £190? According to my converter thats a little over $300. I suppose it might be a decent offer now that DX12 is out. I think I sold mine for $350 or so well before DX12 was even shown. Mine was a leaky one. It probably has gone down in value.

    Maybe I'd ask Void what he thinks.
    Thanks Rob. Be sure to get it as its got to be one of the most amazing figures ever made and will remain so IMO.

    I love Adele's Skyfall song aswell, one of the greats I'd say. Although I often do like the Bond songs - even Madonna's Die another day song grew on me after awhile....even if the film didn't. Actually theres an idea for a thread or a topic of discussion in an existing Bond thread - rate or rank the Bond songs....
    I've only seen QoS once, I didn't like it at all if memory serves. Loved CR and I might rate Skyfall alongside it. I'm still surprised they took 3 films to set up Bond (and his 'universe') as we've always known but nevertheless very well done IMO. I think I managed to remain largely spoiler free so I had no idea we were seeing Moneypenny in action throughout, didn't know M cursed (!!) and... well, died. The opening action scene and song-sequence I loved. And as one might expect the closing scene stays in the head - the old Connery/Moore office again! Ralph Fiennes is a good choice for the new M aswell.

    Yeah I'm glad it did well, hope Craig does at least one more.
    Hi Rob, what was your view on Skyfall again? I just saw it tonight and thought it was very very good.
    Hey Platty,

    I don't know if I pm you, I have not been on sideshow freaks for months. Did you just empty your box?
    I was close to selling it at first! it looks a little medicom crap-like when you look at it for first glance, bad paint job a little awkward looking. the eyes were overly white and a little sloppy, the sculpt a little over textured. Definitely needs a repaint. But it's undeniable how good the likeness is
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