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  • Merry Christmas Platty!

    Ha - that's ok if you did. Thanks. I thought about it. If John takes off I will offer a noe more than likely.
    Hi Platty.
    I want to buy your mrm Batman cowl. I can pay immediately through paypal. Please, can you sell it to me? (please send me a private message. Your message box is full)
    Thanks bud it means the world to me you asked! I put you on the list for now, details and such are on the thread, we are almost there just need another guy and a run would make it a lot easier.

    I really want you to get the bond you always want,seems like you and I are always chasing that holy grail, this one I'm very satisfied with, head sized up a bit and a few less distorted areas from the print and if think it would be bang on.

    Coulson body helps a lot and scottland worked great, pics soon
    I know I'm hoping that with the right body it will look proportionate. Worst case scenario the verycool blue tux on the Enterbay Che body will work as I have my medicom head on it and it's a bit small and the suit is a bit small but it works because the proportions overall are small.

    But man you TOTALLY have my recommendation on that suit it's totally incredible, almost like a Kato suit. Best mass suit I've seen. Which is why I want so desperately to use it and also you are bang on with that tie recommendation! it's perfect! I just picked one up, thanks to you because I'd have never thought about Coulson as an option.
    Hey bud I know right?!! I think I'm going with the same look lol! Isn't that suit amazing? I bashed that look together this past weekend. I have a baby blue shirt from Asmus I used for it but wished i had a better patterned gray tie for it. The look is so great but I have to be honest I'm worried BBKiLL's head is too small for this suit and it's broad shoulders (which looks great on a regular TT) I'm gutted the BBKill head looks a bit small :(
    Hey dude.

    I have been looking intermittently but actually on the lookout for a decently priced dx12 at the moment.

    But I will certainly let you know. :duff
    You have done well Lord Platty. One of the best out-of-the-box figures ever with probably the most amazing Arnie likeness from all angles that I've ever seen. And the paintjob, I just don't know how its possible to be as good as it is on a 'mass-produced' figure. Some people don't like the weathering which I don't understand. Other than some obvious scissors cuts in the jacket the weathering is beautiful. All-in-all I can't see you regretting this one.
    Theres a tiny small print Q & A at the bottom of their homepage which has me now convinced that I'm going to be charged the full whack immediately. The options are Pay in full or Pay with installments by layaway. Nothing else and I did not choose the latter. :slap

    Even more annoying is there was an option for paying in full and getting a £10 discount. Obviously if it had been my intention to pay in full I would have signed up for that FFS. Why is there an optional box that you have to check for that. Why isn't it just automatically applied since the default seems to be that you pay in full on there. So now it looks like I'm paying in full immediately and not getting that discount.

    I dunno, maybe I just had a dim night but I'm not sure their site is clear enough that they are not like almost EVERY other site out there that doesn't charge until your item is shipping.
    Damn. You were my only hope. I think every other UKer has gone to bed already leaving me here to ***t myself! :lol
    Hi Rob. You've ordered from collectiblesdirect before right? Do they charge in full straight away for preorders? Because I ordered Robocop and ED209 tonight without even thinking about that and I haven't got enough credit card space cleared for them....I assumed I'd be paying only a deposit now at most
    Well $h!t they aren't even spoiler tagged. I thought I could go in and get an 'impression' that something big happens, not actually have it right there without tags! Oh well.
    Thanks for the warning. By 'huge' I'm guessing the big deaths are starting to happen NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Guess I'll brace myself for the viewing tonight.
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