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  • Most of them can be had for like $10-20, maybe even a little less. Then there's a select few that goes for a bit more and then there's the Last 17 which range in the $30-175, i think.

    That's a good deal on Hammerhead :rock

    They look to be a very good condition but i'd say you've hit the max amount on both.
    Not really much to it. Just check the condition of the figure through the pics, read the description and make sure it has the original weapons and not repo weapons.

    You can use this as your "checklist": Kenner Vintage Star Wars Photo Archive

    Cool. I might stick them where they were on the wrapping.

    I have not. I'm almost afraid to see it :lol
    I did it! I finally did it! I opened up all my PA releases, except the regular The Master. Might try and sell or trade it for The King Of Pigs. But i don't know what to do with the fancy PA stickers on the back. Can you stick them on the cases without damaging them?
    When you order from KimchiDVD and select the $15 alternate invoice, does it show on your order confirmation or on your order history?
    Bah. Either way, this option is great and not so great for my wallet :lol

    You order the PA The Master releases?
    Didn't they use to have a set price they could lower it to?

    And poop, they sold out of the Grandmaster "digibook" :(
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