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  1. Life_m2000

    Asmus Toys: Escape From New York Snake Plissken

    Oh you returned it? I kept mine lol
  2. Life_m2000

    Asmus Toys: Escape From New York Snake Plissken

    I’m in for this even though we haven’t seen anything 😂
  3. Life_m2000

    Questions for Asmus

    I’m most excited about the announcement of Snake. I have the Sideshow version and I’m really looking forward to more info on him.
  4. Life_m2000

    Questions for Asmus

    Yeah I’d love to see a tease of the sculpt
  5. Life_m2000

    Questions for Asmus

    Snake! Awesome! What is the estimated release time on him?
  6. Life_m2000

    Sideshow: The Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection (1:6 figures)

    I really wish they had have gotten the height right on these figures. I’ll still pick them up though as they look good.
  7. Life_m2000

    Any hope for Exorcist 1/6 Figures?

    I suggested those to InArt.
  8. Life_m2000

    Asmus - Gandalf the White - Crown Line

    Yeah I didn’t realize it was so limited.
  9. Life_m2000

    Asmus - Gandalf the White - Crown Line

    He sold out. Yikes I had even ordered yet. Was waiting until after Christmas, oh well.
  10. Life_m2000

    Asmus - 1/6 Gollum/Smeagol

    I’m ok with that if it means we are getting a great release
  11. Life_m2000

    The Witcher netflix series

    Yeah. I still stand by if you don’t like it you shouldn’t work on it. I’m speaking from personal experience working on many projects with teams of 6-10 people over the years. Just to be clear I didn’t say you had to be a fan to work on it, just like it is enough. I said you CAN have a room full...
  12. Life_m2000

    Sideshow Collectibles: J. Scott Campbell Fairytale Fantasies Collection: Evil Queen

    I’m going to redisplay my collection to accommodate Red. Next year I’ll be getting a few more Moducases so that will help when they arrive.
  13. Life_m2000

    The Witcher netflix series

    So what you are saying is at the time Nicholas was not a fan of Star Trek. But after getting hired and doing his research on Star Trek he liked it and wrote or directed 3 Star Trek movies. He also works on Discovery. He fell out with Nimoy over one of the movies. He attends Star Trek...