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  • June 14 couldn't come fast enough. Seeing Zod angry "I will find him" sent chills down my spine. I'm taking my quote from Superman II "Man this is going to be good"
    If Tom Welling or Kristin Kreuk is there. It's a no brainer for me. I'm there. Michael was there a few years back. I missed out on that. Yeah I wish Hot Toys would hurry up and show us something. The movie is around the corner. It's coming up fast. Talk to you soon.
    Peter, im waiting to hear what Guests they plan to have and if my friend goes to the celebration, i would love to go! Time will tell. In terms of Collectables, the statues look great but im gonna wait and see what Hot toys does, im loving Zods armor, It gets me hype to see Superman and him fight! Also, the Sideshow PF looks amazing, if i can spare the cash its an automatic pickup! The movies almost here! I hope all is well! BELIEVE!
    Well I didn't think I was going to purchase the new Sideshow premium Superman figure. After seeing all the pictures. I placed my preorder through Sideshow yesterday. This is to nice to pass up. Are you planning on picking this up?
    Gabe, I wouldn't mind going to the Superman celebration. The last time I went was in 2009 with my son. The statues look great. It's tempting to buy the statues but I need to be strong and wait for Hot Toys. I'm trying to stay clear from the recent WB reviews. I agree with what your saying about Henry. I saw on facebook that Hot Topic will have MoS shirts available on March 25th. I'll be heading there this coming week for my tee. :) Good to hear from you. Talk to you soon.
    Same here! Cant wait to see what Hot Toys does with the MoS line! The statues do look awesome but im holding out for Hot Toys! Iv tried to keep my collecting habbits pretty slim lately, since prices have shot up im playing it cool, but im going to sink my teeth into the MoS products LOL! The movies looking great! I really think there gonna do it Justice Peter, Henry seems to be giving it his all and all iv heard is positive things!

    Thinking about going to the Celebration this year? any big plans? Glad to hear all is well man, BELIEVE!
    Still waiting for Hot Toys to release some sort of picture or info on the MoS. I'm looking forward to the '66 Batman figures by Mattle & Hot Toys. Mostly sticking with figures no statues for me. I will be buying Mattles movie masters Superman figures. I'm not interested in the mass produced MoS figures made for little kids. Trying to stay with the adult collector theme. If you know what I mean. How about you?
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