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    SooSooToys 1/6 Cajun Card Dealer (Gambit)

    @matticus boiling water for a few seconds or if you have a hair dryer or heat gun. I prefer the latter as I’m always a little worried that regularly using hot water may damage some paint; though a lot of ppl prefer the boiling method
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    SooSoo Toys 1/6 Boy of Steel Superboy

    Part of me thinks it could all just be a way to get as many orders as possible. When it comes to 3rd Party Transformers, they say that certain accessories are PO exclusives but then the entire first batch that the store receives has the exclusive item included regardless if you preordered or...
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    Asmus Giveaway 1/6 Anduril Sword of Aragorn

    Thanks for the pics @Alatar :clap very nice detailing.
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    1/6 SSC Gambit Sixth Scale Figure

    Yea not sure why a separate thread was never made for the SooSoo Gambit. There's a ton of SooSoo threads all over the board, no reason this release needs to hide in the SSC Gambit thread. I guess, unless there is there a reason?
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    Soosootoys Watchmen (2009) line - news and group shots

    Yes I believe that person was our very own @olbertfrog as the one who messaged SooSoo about the younger sculpt and flamethrower :)
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    Asmus Giveaway 1/6 Anduril Sword of Aragorn

    Got the apology email as well, but I'm with you guys, definitely no reason for them to apologize IMO. Super thoughtful though. It was a free gift. We'll get it when we get it. BUT, with that said, if other people are already getting theirs, I would definitely hope mine is also on the way :lol...
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    1/6 SSC Gambit Sixth Scale Figure

    lol that's what I get for typing on my phone while trying to eat some pizza :lol
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    Asmus Giveaway 1/6 Anduril Sword of Aragorn

    That’s kind of cool that they’re just popping up. Will be sort of a nice surprise. I’m in Texas and nothing yet here. Hopefully soon. Will definitely keep an eye out for it.
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    1/6 SSC Gambit Sixth Scale Figure

    cool to see that the cards can go into the effect pieces. Justin didn’t show that in his review so I was definitely curious about that.
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    Hot Toys THE BATMAN -1/6 Batman figure / batbike preview

    Yea I've found that while I haven't liked a lot of movies that he's in, I have liked his performance in many of his films. I haven't found him to be the weak link in a movie I find to be bad. Usually he's one of the few good things in those movies.
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    Questions for Asmus

    Sad to hear the Hobbit line didn’t sell well. I thought those figures were excellent except the headsculpt on Tauriel. Thorin is incredible imo
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    Questions for Asmus

    Thanks for the info! I don't usually get into the behind the scenes stuff for movies/shows other than what went on with Justice League as DC is my favorite property. And I completely understand wanting other characters before her. I just thought she was pretty badass for the most part...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Just got in quite a few Marvel figures: Diecast mk85 and mk6 as well as Endgame Cap. Never thought I'd go back into collecting Marvel figures, but after grabbing Star Wars figures for so long, it's a nice change of pace
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    Questions for Asmus

    I'm still hoping for a Tauriel 2.0. I think she's also in need of a major upgrade/2.0 given 1) how different the production sculpt came out vs the proto 2) how much better Asmus is at doing rooted hair now 3) Their improved paint apps since that figure was released.