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  • Yeah I use KA a lot too, I frequently torrent series before to see if it's worth the investment :lol

    Well, they're also doing a new Spawn movie, which won't be action, according to McFarlane it will be a paranormal horror movie. Sounds pretty cool.
    The pirate bay? :lol

    I wanted to ask you because the 1st run was written by Ennis and I didn't know that :lol I didn't notice writers when I was a kid, and I remembered your Ennis recommendations.

    The 2nd game is pretty cool, but the 1st one, it was great.

    There was a movie in the works, I hope it gets made soon.
    Dude, I've been meaning to ask you, do you like Top Cow's The Darkness? I've been re-reading my old issues, stop reading at the #100 or so issues back in the day, and I'm picking it up, I didn't remember it's pretty awesome. not even that EXXXTREME for a 90's comic.
    Dude, sorry to bother you with this again, but that Mezco Punisher got me pumped and I want to read some :lol could you repeat your recommendations for Punisher reads? Can't find the post, I remember you told me Born by Ennis.
    Check out that Punisher bro!

    Mezco Pre-Toy Fair 2016 - Marvel One:12 Collective - The Toyark - News
    What's up dude, you still reading Moon Knight? Just read the last 2 issues, it's still pretty awesome, still miss Shalvey's art but story is solid.
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