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  • Hey man, just thought I'd say hi. Been a few years since I been here. Went through a bad divorce, sold most of my stuff but just starting to get back into it with the Wolf predator 2.0 lol.
    Hey mate. You've been very quiet about your P2 figure. How you finding it now you've had it afew days, still happy?

    Any pics of your pose? I've still not got round to sorting mine out; been too busy and I wasn't feeling the love for it as much as I had hoped.

    I should be getting a pay rise soon so can afford it but I need to pay off my TV so thats getting in the way! ha ha
    Just got two POs at the moment. SS Alien Warrior statue and HT Joker 2.0. Not paid for either of them yet so need to make sure I can afford both but if I cant then I will probs cancel the Alien. Love the 1/4 HT Endo also.
    Never thought I'd have the potential chance to own a Hot Toys Celtic Predator. Such a badass looking Pred so bring on the 2.0. Although I still stand by wanting a P2 Elder and Wolf first, followed by Celtic.
    I'm just glad that after being late to the Hot Toys Predator party in the past I have the opportunity to get myself a great Pred collection going now. And with Scar not being one of the big ones for me it's pleasently surprising to like the figure so much.:yess:
    Thanks for that. I'm sure it'll be much the same, kinda feels like I've been married for the past few years, I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing! Life seems to be getting serious and thats the reason I've been cutting back and will continue on this more restrained course in the future.

    And yeah I'm more conscious now about what 'fits' in my collection as you talk about. Anything that appears 'odd one out' I now sell or I sell a given figure so as I won't be tempted by some future companion figure because of the whole collector ''have this therefore must also have that'' mindset etc etc
    I was but jesting. You're probably have a similar feeling about my cutting way back on Predator stuff since thats your main area of interest...isn't it?

    I'm thinking of cancelling the new HT P2, I would keep the order but with my wedding next year I'll be lucky if I'm allowed buy anything at all so that will be one of the first things I'll write off. I may actually be done with Predator at high-end unless the HT Dutch 1:4 turns out well. I might find that hard to resist being an Arnie fan. For the predators though I'm sticking to NECA, they fulfil what I've always wanted with Predator - figures that really look like what I saw on screen, that make me hear the music and sound-effects in my head by just looking at them.

    The whole selling thing has become a necessary evil. I'm sure you agree we collectors would keep everything if we could and we'd buy everything if we could.
    Hi Blade, just wondering what kind of success, if any, have you had in selling low-end NECA, McFarlane type figures here on the forums?

    I've got some stuff I think I could stand to remove from my collection but does low-end stuff even get much interest here as far as people going after 2nd hand loose stuff?
    SDCC proved that they weren't too bothered about their figure displays; they were saving their best for the ani-com. Even it it means waiting until 2013 I'll gladly look forward to any tweaks.
    I'm partly hoping it was just the lighting the figure's photo was taken in. It can't be that orange can it...

    On the other hand the no show from P2 at the Ani-Com makes me wonder whether they are tweaking the figure before release.
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