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    WTB Hot Toys DX09 Batman forearm gauntlets/blades

    So this might be a long shot, but I recently got a really good deal on a dx09, but unfortunately it came with a price, as he was missing the blades on both of his forearm gauntlets. Does anybody happen to have any spare ones? Or would be willing to part with their’s? Please pm me if you can...
  2. Auron_X

    For Sale Various 1/6 figs: Hot Toys, Asmus... **PRICE REDUCTION**

    ^Thank ya! Yeah honestly, I’m thinking I may end up keeping him at this point lol. And then just hope my cheaper loose stuff (that I actually do want to get rid of) eventually sells. What I’m really surprised about is how little interest Nebula has gotten lol.. but I guess you can’t win ‘em...
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    For Sale Various 1/6 figs: Hot Toys, Asmus... **PRICE REDUCTION**

    Gambit is back up for sale, prior deal fell thru
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    For Sale Various 1/6 figs: Hot Toys, Asmus... **PRICE REDUCTION**

    Hey all! Deciding To downsize my collection. Everything has been well taken care of. No rough posing or anything like that. No notable damage or breakages. If there is anything of note I’ll do my best to describe it. No trades, and prices are mostly firm. Free shipping and no PP fees. Please...
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    For Sale Please delete

    please delete
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    ThreeZero Game of Thrones!

    ^Come on now. We can all agree Dany was an unfortunate downgrade from the amazing proto, but to say she’s only worth $50 is a gross over-exaggeration. She’s not nearly as bad as some like to say she is. $130 would be completely acceptable.
  7. Auron_X

    Game of Thrones Robb Stark 1/6 Custom

    I'm interested, but it doesn't seems to be going anywhere unfortunately.
  8. Auron_X

    ThreeZero Game of Thrones!

    I don't really post all that much (obviously), but I had to respond to this absurd post (good job, took the troll-bait). Christ sakes, She's a ****ing kid. Could you be more classless? Don't like her acting? Fine. I think she does an excellent job, especially considering her level of...
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    URGENT!!-anybody who is owed clothing from moe's production's must read this-URGENT!!

    Re: UEGENT!!-anybody who is owed clothing from moe's production's must read this-URGE I bought a chem suit for $135 from Moe last September (pretty sure it was Sept, I'll have to double-check) and still haven't gotten anything. Kinda lost interest in getting one at all, so I was going to have...
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    Square Enix Play Arts Kai Gets New Licenses

    Lara's pretty nice, but you don't really realize how good she looks until she's been repainted: *Credit to my buddy Tom aka Zelu1984 One of the things that drives me nuts about Square Enix. The sculpting is usually pretty damn nice on most of their PAKs imo, but it's often lost in the final...
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    NECA: Alien Movie Franchise Figures

    I don't think this has been reported yet (looked through some of the previous posts and didn't see anything) but Amok Time should be getting their Aliens set in on Thursday (according to their site). :) Cornerstore Comics got their's in just recently (couldn't have been more than a few days...